Title: The Low-Carb Creed

Subtitle: The Indispensable guide to the Low-Carb Healthy Fat Lifestyle

Author: Sally-Ann Creed


ISBN: 978-062-071-2514

Size: 260 x 210mm


Extent: 250 pages

Format: Softcover     

SA Release: November 2016

RRP: R375.00



As The Real Meal Revolution continues to change lives, The Low-Carb Creed seeks to provide further important information on the lifestyle. It provides a meal plan, updated lists and a full manifesto (called the Creed). It covers common stumbling blocks to weight loss, potential grey areas are discussed, and basic cooking techniques and mouth-watering recipes ensure the lifestyle is easy to follow. Myths and misconceptions surrounding dietary needs are dealt with, as well as super foods, supplements, alternatives to high-carb foods and instructions on how to get started. LCHF is more than just Banting; the author also introduces the Paleo diet and how to transition onto it

About The Author:

Sally-Ann Creed is an integrative functional nutritional therapist. She is one of the first nutritional therapists in South Africa, having qualified with a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition from Sydney's prestigious International Academy of Nutrition 20 years ago.
She later graduated with two years of Functional Medicine training, and several other diplomas in the health field. She is an author, public speaker, researcher, educator, product developer and clinician. She is the founder of a global network of trained coaches.
Sally-Ann is on the Board of Experts of the Journal of Natural Medicine. She has written countless articles; she currently writes for Lose It! and was the health writer for Today and Joy magazines. She has developed her own range of nutraceuticals which are MCC Registered. She has over 100 products under the Sally-Ann Creed label, which is stocked by various stores around the country. She also has several nutritional product lines coming out in the next year.
Sally-Ann has invited two contributing authors to join her in the development of the recipes - Merle Westcott and Janita Bold, both of whom she trained up as coaches in 2014 to coach others in the LCHF Lifestyle. Both have successful businesses in the LCHF world today, coaching and living the lifestyle with dramatic testimonies of their own success.
Other books by the author:
  • Let Food Be Your Medicine (Storm Books): bestseller since 2002, just gone out of print.
  • Nutritious (Storm Books): co-authored with the late Jill Fraser Halkett - out of print.
  • Raising Healthy Happy Children (Struik): co-authored with Andalene Salvesen - over 10,000 copies sold.
  • Women's Health Journal (Struik): co-authored with Aldyth Thomson - sold to some foreign markets - over 5,000 sold.
  • The Real Meal Revolution (Quivertree): co-authored with Tim Noakes, David Grier and Jonno Proudfoot.
  • The Real Meal Revolution as above (excluding David) published by Little Brown UK internationally.
  • Die Kos Revolusie (as above) for South African market.
  • Tasty WasteNots (Human and Roussouw): co-authored with Jason Whitehead - release 2016.
  • A low-carb book for families out early 2017.
  • A relaunch of bestseller Let Food Be Your Medicine.


Feature Points:

  • This is the first follow-up from one of the authors of The Real Meal Revolution, the book which has sold close to 300,000 copies, and is now published globally.
  • Sally-Ann's long-standing reputation in the health industry speaks for itself - her personal story of life-threatening illness to full recovery through food and a healthy lifestyle is testament to her dedication to health. This lifestyle and her training has helped her to see thousands regain their health every year under her guidance.
  • One of the top design and publishing agencies in the country, Purepublishing.co.za, has been contracted to oversee and publish the book alongside Sally-Ann with on-trend layouts under the expert guidance of founder and managing creative director Andrew Burke.
  • The talented Claire Gunn has done the superb photography and styling; the pastel palettes alone will make this a must-have book, with styling in line with current European trends.
  • The recipes are affordable, realistic and mouth-wateringly delicious.
  • The book takes what might have seemed a difficult lifestyle and made it simple, easy to follow and sustainable for anyone.

  • Winner: SA's Most Influential Women of the Year in Business & Government 2009/10 in the sector of Medical, Dentistry, Health and Veterinary Services.
  • Winner: Co-author - The Real Meal Revolution, Book of the Year, Nielsen's Booksellers' Choice Award 2014.


Published By: Creed Nutrition


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